Client Services

Lloyd & Associates offers a wide range of services to our individual and business clients. Being a relatively small firm, we are able to offer our clients personalized quality service. Below, we have listed the services that we offer to our clients along with a brief description.

As the list below is by no means all-inclusive, please feel free to inquire about a service if you do not see it listed.


Housing Authority Accounting and Consulting

•   Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Fee Accounting Services

•   Asset Management accounting and consulting, including Budgeting

•   Maintain complete General Ledger on or off-site, including subsidiary ledgers

•   Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Financial Statements 

•   Bank Reconciliations

•   Budgeting for Non-Asset Management Housing Authorities

•   Capital Fund Budgeting, Monitoring and Reporting

•   Operating Subsidy Submissions via SAGIS

•   Training of new Finance Personnel, including Director of Finance/CFO

•   Board of Commissioners Training

•   Voucher Management System (VMS) submissions and monitoring

•   Payroll utilizing Housing Authorities software

•   Fixed Asset Control and Management

•   Investment registers and monitoring

•   Accounting Services performed in accordance with all HUD regulations and guidance; GAAP and GASB.

Consulting Services

•   Internal Control Evaluation and Policies
•   Housing Choice Voucher monitoring tools
•   Job Descriptions
•   Compensation Studies
•   Annual close-out assistance UnAudited to REAC
•   Audited Submissions for compliance with SAS 112
•   Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A)
•   Flat Rent Studies and Up-dates
•   In-house training of Finance Staff 
•   Executive Directors on Financial operations

Services Provided to Other Industries

Lloyd & Associates, CPA not only has a high level of expertise with Housing Authorities in the Southeast; we also serve clients in Other Industries, such as

•   Healthcare
•   Non-profit
•   Retail
•   Insurance
•   Religious Organizations (Churches)
•   Wholesales

These other industries represent an important and integral part of our diversity of services. Lloyd & Associates, CPA developed a niche in these various industries as the increase in small businesses more than tripled in the last ten (10) years. All of these industries utilize our accounting services to ensure they maintain sound and progressive financial reporting system. Our services allow business owners and clergy to be managing their respective organization, while not having to be accountants.

Services Provided:

•   Monthly Accounting (Check writing, recording deposits)
•   Monthly or Quarterly Financial Reporting
•   Payroll Services (Direct deposit, Withholding Taxes, Federal, State and Local)
•   Special Advisory for Clergy for Payroll
•   Budgeting and Cash Flow forecasting
•   Internal Control consulting
•   Fixed Assets
•   Compensation Studies
•   QuickBooks Implementation and Training